This is a picture of the grounds of the Faith Retreat Center where we stayed in spring 1999. That trailer in the background is where Chris and I lodged. Went down to a chilly -4C one of the nights. Brrr.

This is the Faith Retreat Center and Chris. You'll notice that Chris isn't looking too awake that day. Must be why the coke can's in his hand. Hopefully the next time Chris sees me I'll have my running shoes on.

This is a view of the Little Red Deer River, as seen from the Faith Retreat Center.

This is how not to take pictures of moving water. I don't have any interesting moving water pictures yet, 'cause I haven't figured out how to do it.

This picture was produced by doing a time exposure shot of me waving the flashlight around in front of the camera. That nifty thing in the middle occured because I directed the flashlight into the camera for a second.

In this picture, I was holding my hand over the flashlight. You can sorta see my face in the background. Looks like burning letters. Pretty neat.

This is Kurt. He volunteered to stand around in chilly weather to help me take these pictures. Without him these 4 interesting pictures wouldn't have been possible. Thanks Kurt! The ghastly picture itself? Well it's 3 Kurts. :)

Here's s'more Kurt. Everyone knows you can't get enough Kurt.

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