This delightful shot is of my friend Chris. He's looking into the lense of the camera and watching it go click in an attempt on our behalf to discover what the various camera settings did.

This is an overexposed shot of the moon. It looks like a sunset, but it's not. Inconceivable!

This is another overexposed shot of the moon. Maybe some day I'll have a non-overexposed shot of the moon. That'd be cool too.

Whoa!? What are those lines?? Well, that's where some genius at superstore drew on the end of the film. They chopped one of my pictures in half and didn't even develop the last 8 frames despite the fact that I left a note. Lesson here? Don't take pictures of dark things to Superstore. That said, they have nice cheap processing if you aren't taking specialty photos. Oh, the picture is a time exposure shot of the big dipper. The brighter area closer to the horizon is some aurora that was poking its head up that night (it looks green on the photo itself). If you'll notice there's a gap in the star streaks. That's where we had to cover the camera for a minute due to passing cars. Note to self: Don't take pictures near highway again.

An interesting shot of Polaris, the North Star. Again, the gaps are present. This is one of the shots I was more pleased with from the batch of photos I got that trip.

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